David B. Smith Gallery, Denver CO, Jan 2022 - Feb 2022


David B. Smith Gallery, Denver CO - Jan 20th to Feb 25th 2023

The deep well of shared knowledge, the collective unconscious, is a familiar and ancient source that we all draw imagery from. It comes to us in mythic tales and heroes' journeys, primordial origin stories and archetypal dream worlds. At this depth, the artist’s creative energy taps in to cosmogonies and the realm of the spirit to weave deeply significant images. These new watercolors represent access points and maps to these primeval places we all have in common, a familiarity outside of logical explanation, as if connected to the mycelium of the universe. The pieces in "Cosmos" lead you in to the labyrinth and provide a golden thread to follow. As the Egyptians made maps of the underworld, these pieces are maps of gates and portals to the glowing inner spirit. Follow this thread to the subconscious, non-verbal places, the antipodes of our daily existence.

Like the earth of a hundred years ago, our mind still has its darkest Africas, its unmapped Borneos and Amazonian Basins. 1 These dark and fecund spaces, where creativity simmers with potential, illuminate a cosmic expanse populated by unlikely, preternatural creatures. The creative spark sets off an outpouring of tumbling, weaving plants, animals and parts that populate an interconnected cosmos, spilling out from the place of shared knowledge and empathy, from a deep core of coexistence that we have neglected. To reconnect with the greater energetic ecosystem of our natural world we only need find the entrance to the labyrinth; here, I offer you the thread that might lead you inside.

1. Aldous Huxley, Heaven and Hell, 1955

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